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Do children ever actually BELONG to their parents? Well, probably not in the sense of a possession, but we do refer to "My" parents, and they refer to us as "My" children. Anyway, it would be fun for each student to bring a picture of their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, and/or sisters to school. Put them on the bulletin board without any identification. See if students can select the family members and match them to the other students to whom they "belong."

You can tell how you think the pictured family member resembles the student with whom you have paired the adult photo. Have you noticed that sometimes parents have different colored hair than their children? Often, the childrens' eyes are the same as those of their parents, if the parents both have the same color of eyes. When one parent has brown eyes and the other parent's eyes are blue, the childrens' eyes can be of either color.

I know a person whose right eye is blue and left eye is brown. I am that person. It is fun to have different colored eyes! I always thought it would help me if I grew up and became a spy. I don't know how I got to have different colored eyes; just lucky, I guess.

Some children are adopted by their parents, rather than having been born to them. It is interesting that adopted children often take on many of the visible characteristics of their adopted parents.

How can that be?


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