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Most spiders can be kept in wide-mouthed jars for fairly long periods of time. Cover each jar with a piece of cheesecloth or nylon stocking and hold it in place with a canning ring or rubber band. If there is an egg case, and you plan to keep it through the hatch, use four or five thicknesses of nylon stocking and a really sturdy rubber band for the lid. Each spider should have its' own jar. Otherwise, they may kill and eat their roommate. Jar-mate.

They have difficulty climbing on glass, so add some debris to the jar along with a few twigs for them to climb on. Make sure the twigs are not long enough to aid the escape of your pet. It is good to talk to your spider, but talk very gently and quietly, as the sound waves of your voice can injure their sensory organs.

Like all other living entities, spiders must eat so that they can continue to live. They usually will not eat food that is already dead. They like their food to be really fresh! You can feed them live mealworms, flies, or other small, soft-bodied insects.

You can catch insects in a net swept over a weedy place or trap small flies, beetles, moths, and midges that are attracted to outdoor lamps at night and feed them to your spiders. If you value your pet's life, do not give them bugs that you find in the house or other buildings. The reason is that many people spray pesticides in their buildings. The bugs that don't die in the spray often carry an amount of spray on their bodies and it would kill the creature that eats it.

I once had a beautiful little gecko that ate only crickets and spiders. When he was almost two years old, I fed him a spider I'd found in the home of my neighbor, Mrs. Clean, and my gecko died of pesticide poisoning, from Mrs. Clean's spider. Along with food, your pet spider requires moisture. One good way to provide water is to place a small piece of sponge into the spider jar, and keep it damp. You can use a medicine dropper to wet the sponge each time it starts to get dry.

You know how it is when you have nothing to eat but bugs, and they are so hard to swallow if your throat is dry, especially if they keep flapping their little wings.

In the winter it is difficult to find food for your spider, and you may have to maintain an insect nursery in the class-room. You can raise flies, fruit flies, and mealworms. "Good morning, dear! Would you like some bacon, eggs, and orange juice?"

"No, thanks. I think I'll just have a few fruit flies and then lick my sponge."


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