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Insects are a subgroup or class of arthropods. Does that mean that all insects are arthropods? Guess so. I think that all arthropods, however, are not insects. We'll find out as we progress. Mr. Webster could probably tell us.

Let's look at some different insects to determine their similarities and differences. The easiest ones to find are ants, butterflies, grasshoppers, beetles (not like Paul and Ringo), termites, wasps, moths, crickets, earwigs, lady bugs, and flies. First off, we can see that some of them fly and some do not.

Most insects live on land, have one pair of antennae (they probably don't receive cable tv), have three pairs of legs for locomotion, have one or two pairs of wings, and hatch from eggs laid on land.

Do ants have wings? Can they fly? I guess flying ants can fly, but the ones in my garden can only foot-cruise.

If you watch them over time, you will see that most insects go through several stages before they become adults. I can see it now - teen-age mutant ninja lady-bugs!

Let's find out about collecting lady bug larvae. They are good to work with and to observe.


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