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Almost any container can serve as a short-term rental for the insects you wish to observe. The size of the container needed depends upon the size and number of insects collected.

Land-dwelling insects can be housed in terrariums or in fish-bowls that are cylindrical in shape. The climate inside the container is important. Try to ensure that the temperature and humidity conditions are similar to the insect's natural home. Never place the bug house in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

You can serve their meals on the bottom of the bug house. Insects that eat leaves need to have fresh leaves every day or so. Some insects eat fruit, pieces of meat, or fermenting materials. You need to observe them in nature to see what they like best. After all, if your insect has to be in bug jail, it should at least get what it likes to eat. Your pets need water, and a water-soaked sponge is about the easiest way to provide it. Just put a few drops of fresh water on it each day, with a medicine dropper.

The container should be kept clean, and uneaten food should be taken out and replaced each day.

Water-dwelling insects, such as mosquitoes or water boatmen, could be kept in an aquarium or cylindrical fish bowl. It is extremely important to keep the inmates of this enclosure from escaping, by covering it with nylon stocking material.

A cool climate inside the container should be maintained. It should not be in the sunlight or near a heat source, but should be situated where the air circulates freely. Water in the container will evaporate, and should be replaced with more water from the same pond or stream where you caught the insects. If you must use tap water, draw the water and set it aside for 24 hours so that any chemicals can dissipate.

Serve its' dinner by sprinkling it onto the surface of the water.


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