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Obtain a number of seashells of the same kind. Arrange the shells from smallest to largest or by some sequence in their color patterns. Research factors about animals to seriate them. What on earth does "SEER-i-ate" mean? Mr. Webster says it means "arranging in series or in rows."

For example, animals can be ordered from slow (snail or slug) to fast (cheetah or swift), from small land animal (shrew) to large (elephant), small water animal (guppy) to large water animal (whale or some varieties of shark), or small flying animal (hummingbird) to large flying animal (eagle or condor).

Examine a set of ten pictures of birds or sets of other animals. Note differences in coloring, marking, size, shape, and other features. Next, note at least three ways in which the animals are alike.

Now bring pictures of a variety of different animals to school. Study a bulletin board divided into four sections with a picture of one animal in each (selected for diverse characteristics). Place your pictures in the section where the posted animal is most like yours. As pictures are placed, give your rationale.

Discuss the characteristics of the animals in each group. When you are finished, divide one group of pictures into two or more groups. The subdividing process can continue as long as the characteristics of the animals suggest further groupings.


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