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How can we find you 'way up thar?

On a clear evening in an open area away from bright stars, pick out a star, and walk around while observing that star
until the star appears to touch the tip of a tree, pole, TV
antenna, or some other prominent landmark. Place a marker at the spot where you are standing.

Repeat, at ten-minute intervals, using the same star and
sighting point. Compare marks for different stars. You will realize that there is an overall pattern to the apparent movement of stars.

Do the stars all move together, in one swell foop, all in the same order, or do they jump around and trade places with one another? How can we find out about that?

Incidentally, the music to the song, "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. How about that! That piece of information can also give you a clue to the fact that your brilliant writer is primarily a musician.


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