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Make one complete turn in place. When you or any object
faces all directions during one complete turn, that turn is
called a rotation.

Now place another student or a globe of the earth in the
center of a large circle drawn on the school ground. Stand
on the line of the circle facing the center. The person or
globe in the center represents the earth, and you represent
the moon.

You have probably noticed that you see only one side of the
moon from the earth, so when you move around in a circle
around the earth, always face the earth in the center. Move counterclockwise around the circle.

After one complete orbit, decide whether or not the moon
rotated. Repeat the orbit. You will realize that the moon
faced all directions as it moved around the earth; therefore, it must have rotated.

Repeat this activity, but have the moon (you) face in a
direction other than the center. (You will see all sides of the moon during the orbit.)


Is the earth moving, and if it is, what is the evidence for
it? (This is difficult.)

From the discussion, you will appreciate why it was generally believed that the earth was a stationary object at the center of the universe. Most of the your observations of the sky suggest that the sun, moon, planets, and stars move around the earth.

We all know some people who think they are the centers of the universe. Well, it is only reasonable to believe that if I were the center of the universe, all that stuff would move around me. I hope it doesn't get sun-spots on my ego...


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