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Do you suppose we can dye a carnation so that it is two different colors? Let's see what would happen if we cut the lower half of a carnation stem, lengthwise, and wrap it with tape at the top of the cut so that it won't tear any farther. Two test tubes, side by side, on the test tube rack, can be filled with color. Maybe red food color in one, and blue in the other. Put each stem-half into one test tube. All we have to do now is check on it every half-hour or so, and we will see what happens.

If the conducting tubes on one side of the stem go to the outer edges of the flower, and the tubes on the other side go to the center of the flower, then it might have red petals and a blue center. However, if the tubes on one side go to that side of the flower, and the tubes on the other side go to its own side of the flower, then the flower will be red on one side and blue on the other. Those seem to be the only choices there are, but perhaps something besides those two possibilities will happen. It's a mystery!

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