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What do you think it would be like to be a bee? We will find out a little, tiny bit about being a bee when we do this project. We have two plants that are the same kind, and each have blossoms. We will pretend that we are bees, and carry (on a little stick) some pollen from one blossom to a blossom on the other plant. We'll make sure the pollen gets onto the stigma, where it will stick. To avoid pollinating the first plant, we will not take the stick back to it, because we undoubtedly got pollen from plant #2 onto the stick while we were pollinating it.

Instead, we will wrap the pistil of the plant from which we took pollen, to make sure it does not get pollinated by nature (by real bees, or butterflies). After both flowers wilt and dry, we will pick them, and compare the pistils. The ovary portion (the lower end) of the pistil of the flower we pollinated should be fatter than the ovary portion of the un-pollinated plant's pistil. We can carefully cut the pistils in half, lengthwise, to see if they look different inside.

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