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We can see what it looks like when pollen blows about in the breeze, by doing an experiment with flour. We need just a small bit of flour to put inside the petals of one flower. (That is quite different from putting flowers into the flour!)

The directions suggest that we blow on the flour to see how pollen blows in the wind. Wind, however, does not blow directly into one flower and nowhere else. Might be a better experiment if we use a large magazine as a fan, waving it up and down in front of the plant. That would make a breeze that is like a real breeze.

Notice where the dust of the flour travels. Some sticks to the stigma of the flower where we put the flour (that is like self-pollination), and some of it sticks to the stigma of other flowers that are close to the first flower. That is like cross-pollination.

I think it would be interesting to try something else on these plants where we have put flour. We can find out how sticky the stigmas are. We could sprinkle the flowers with a sprinkling can, to see if rain washes the flour off the stigma. If it does, we could then go farther from the floured flowers to get some pollen, and try to pollinate them. We'd be able to determine if it worked, by looking closely at the pistils next week.

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