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Where would you look for seeds if you wanted to find them? (The seed store doesn't count! Neither does taking them directly from the plant.) Take some plastic bags and stickers for labeling, and look for different kinds of places where seeds may be.

If your parents will go with you to a stream or creek, you could dip a small cup or bowl into it to see if there are seeds floating in the water. IT IS NOT WISE TO GO TO A STREAM, CREEK, RIVER, OR LAKE WITHOUT AN ADULT.

Look for a low place in your garden where there is some mud. With a hand shovel or large spoon, scoop up some mud. Take it to a sidewalk or stepping stone, and gently rinse it. There could be some seeds in there!

Get a woolen cloth and drag it on the ground while you walk across a vacant lot or field. When you get to the other side, see if there are seeds stuck to the cloth. Remember, many seeds have tiny thorn-like hairs on them, so that animals can pick them up in their fur and carry them away, to fall off and take root in another place. Some seeds have real thorns on them, especially some kinds of weed seeds. Some seeds are carried in the wind by little parachutes, which also stick to animals' fur. See what wonders are stuck to your woolen cloth!

We should store our seeds in the collection bags, which have labels telling where we got them, the date of collection, and what kind of seeds we think they are. Perhaps in the spring, we could even plant some of them! Wouldn't your parents be happy if we planted weed seeds in their gardens? It's best to get permission from your parents before planting unknown seeds. They may be able to set aside a small plot just for your plantings.

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