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How is the movement of air employed in agriculture, business, and industry? At home, look through magazines and newspapers for pictures showing "air at work." If it is ok with your
parents, cut out the photos and bring them to class. Plan to share them with the other students, and be able to explain how air movement is being used.

For example, air compressors and vacuum cleaners are used to disperse or pull in materials; sailing vessels are powered by the wind, which moves them across the water; rockets are
pushed forward by the escape of gases from the opposite ends; and air pumps are used to lift objects.

Why does a service station need an air compressor? What does a painter do with an air compressor? How does a dentist use an air compressor?

If air movement propels a sailboat, how does the sailor change direction? Does he shake his fist at the clouds and tell the air to make a left turn? ("Hard a-port!")

What have we done that operates similarly to a rocket?


Let's take another try at pinwheels, now that we have a little better understanding of air movement. Are pinwheels similar to windmills? What have windmills done for almost ever? What do modern windmills do for us now?

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