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We have here a piece of granite. Take a close look at it, and make notes in your notebooks which describe it. Do you see the small granules embedded in the rock? These are little pieces of minerals.

All the rocks in the world are made up of various combinations of minerals.

Minerals have a definite, unchanging composition. Different rocks may contain varying amounts of different minerals.

There are three main kinds of minerals: feldspar (which comes in many colors), mica (which may be black or light), and quartz (which also comes in many colors).

We have samples of each of these three mineral types. Have a close look at them with your naked eyes, then examine them with a hand lens. Make notes describing them in your notebooks.

Using a hammer and wearing goggles, pulverize a piece of granite that is wrapped in a cloth or in a bag. Pour the fragments onto a piece of paper, and observe them with a hand lens. Sort some of the fragments.

Now pulverize other rocks, and sort out the different minerals that are found. (Some rocks will be made up of only one mineral, while other will consist of many.)

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