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How can we find out what part wind plays in the process of erosion? We will take a vacuum cleaner outdoors, and attach the hose to the end that blows air. The air from the vacuum will behave just like the wind that blows across the earth.

Point the nozzle at a spot of dry ground, and turn on the vacuum. You will see how the vacuum blows the loose particles of dirt, leaving a small depression.

Since the wind doesn't always come from the same direction, you can point the nozzle at the same place, then walk to the side of that place, and see how the wind can make patterns in the dry earth. Or put a large rock in the way of the stream of air from the vacuum. Then, you can see how the wind would cause the earth to pile up on the other side of the rock.

You can even make the wind turn corners, by blowing the air toward a wall. It will bounce off the wall, and blow the dust in the opposite direction from which the "wind" is

The wind erodes the land in much the same way -- blowing dust and small particles from place to place.

Look around the school grounds to find where wind blows up dirt and dust.

See if you can also find places (e.g., in corners of buildings) where the wind deposits the dirt, dust, and other debris.

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