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Let's see what happens to raindrops falling onto a hillside.

Fasten a sheet of white paper to a piece of cardboard. Set it on the floor, and drop a small amount of colored water (to represent rain-drops) onto it from a medicine dropper. Note the size and shape of the splashes.

Tilt the board slightly and repeat, using a different color of water, and noting which colors are used at what degree of slope.

Compare these splashes with the others. Continue the activity by gradually increasing the slope of the surface, using a new color each time.

When it is dry, the paper will be a visual record for display.

We can also change to fresh paper each time the board is raised, and compare the shapes of raindrops on the different papers after they dry.

Other tests can be made by varying the height of the falling drops and by varying the height and the slope at the same time.

Use the information gained from this activity to make some more judgments about erosion.

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