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This project teaches us how to do something that people are not supposed to do. We will pollute some water.

Here are several jars with lids. Into each jar, we will put some different solid stuff, label it, and then we will add water. One jar has salt, another has sugar, #3 has coffee grounds, #4 has powdered soap, #5 has some left-over food bits. Put the lids onto each jar, and we will let them sit on the countertop for a few days.

Now, let's look at the calendar, and count how many days have passed since we filled our jars. We'll open the jars, and examine the stuff inside.

First, look at the stuff in the jars. Does it look nasty? Then, smell the jars. Yuck! Now, put in a finger and rub that finger and your thumb together, thinking about how it feels. Is it slimy? NOW, WASH YOUR HANDS WITH WARM WATER AND SOAP.

What do you think happens to our lakes and rivers when people put garbage into them? Do you think that if people put garbage on the ground, and then it rained, that some of the garbage bits would be carried (by the water) into the river? Would you like to swim in a lake with garbage in it?


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