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This project will teach us a way to "make" a liquid. We Can use a jar or drinking glass, some water, ink, or food coloring, ice cubes, and a small plate or tray on which to
stand the container.

Fill the glass or jar with water, add ink or food coloring, and a few ice cubes. Place it onto a tray, and leave it on the countertop.

Look at it after a half-hour, and you will see that drops of water have formed on the outside of the glass. Did that water leak through the glass? No. Look at the color of it. It is colorless, just like water. It can't be coming from inside the glass.

Is the level of water in the glass any lower than it was when it was filled? No. This moisture comes from the air in the room. This air is warmer than the surface of the glass, because the ice inside cools the surface of the glass. This process is called condensation, (pronounced "con-den-SAY-shun").

On a cold day, have you ever breathed on the inside of a window, and it made sort of a cloud on the window? That is condensation, also.

People who wear glasses will sometimes breathe onto their glasses, then wipe them with a cloth, to clean them. The moisture that helps clean the glass is condensation.


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