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We have several small jars, and we will fill each one with a different liquid. We can get some water from the faucet, some from a stream or mud puddle outside, some from a bottle of distilled or purified water that is purchased at the store, some ocean water if we live near the coast, or any water that is outside naturally such as from a pond, lake, or river. Label each jar as to the source of the water. Look at them to check the colors of each one. Smell them to see if they have different odors. (DO NOT TASTE THE WATERS. SOME OF THEM MAY BE POLLUTED.) Notice whether some of the waters seem to have other stuff in it, such as silt.

We also have some different kinds of juices in jars. Look at them to see the different colors and to check the clarity (can you see through it, or is it thick or does it have
materials floating in it?) of each one. We can see through the apple juice, but cannot see through tomato juice. The orange juice has bits of orange pulp floating in it.

Now, put a little cooking oil into a jar and place it next to the apple juice. They look almost alike, but we know they are not the same. Take turns putting your fingers into both liquids and feel the difference. The oil is slimy, isn't it?

Put some white syrup (Karo) into a jar and place it next to the water from the faucet. Feel both of these liquids, and notice that the syrup is sticky and thick.

All the liquids have different smells, as well. What they have in common is that they all fit into the group of substances called "liquid."

We are learning that some are thin, some are thick, some are slimy, and some sticky. These qualities are called density (pronounced "DEN-sitty") and viscosity (pronounced "vis-COSS- sitty").


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