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In another project, we used many different-sized containers to measure liquids. This time, we will make containers that will tell exactly how many units of measure they can hold.

Each of you has a jar from home that held peanut butter or mayonnaise, is made of glass, and has no marks on the sides. We have large, white stickers which we can stick onto the side of our jars, in a way that the sticker goes from the bottom to the top of the jar. If your jars are shorter than the stickers, cut off the excess from the stickers.

We have several small containers here, each of them the same size, to be used as our measuring unit.

Fill the unit and pour the water from the unit into your jars. After the water is calm, make a pencil mark on the sticker where the top of the water is. Continue doing that
until your jar is full and you have marked the sticker each time you added water. Now, count the number of lines on your sticker. That number is the amount of units of volume that each jar will hold.

This measuring container is called a "measuring graduate," because it can be used to measure different amounts of liquids.


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