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This is the third project in which we will be using our manometers. We set it up just the same, except we'll use two one-gallon glass containers. The funnel must be able to fit into the top of the container.

We'll have the ruler attached to the open-end glass tube, and we will attach upside-down rulers to each of the glass containers. One container is full of water and the other is full of oil. Oil is more dense than water. We're going to see if it exerts the same amount of pressure as water; or more pressure; or less pressure.

Pushing the funnel end of the manometer into the water container, check the measures of height on the tube with depth in the container. Now, wipe the funnel and tubing, so that it has no water on it. Put on a rubber glove, and push the funnel into the oil, again keeping track of the measure- ments just like you did with the water.

We'll pour the water out of the container, wipe it dry, and fill it with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). ALCOHOL WILL CATCH ON FIRE, SO DO NOT USE IT NEAR ANY SOURCE OF HEAT. The reason we want to use alcohol is that it is not as dense as water.

Get a new rubber (or plastic) glove, and push the funnel down into the alcohol, keeping track of the measurements.

Now, are they the same? When you put the funnel four inches deep into the water, what did it show on the tube ruler? Was the measurement on the tube ruler the same when you put the funnel four inches deep into the cooking oil?

We could make a graph for each liquid and compare them.


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