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We are going to use the waterwheel we made from the last "force of water" project. Or, if we wrecked it, we will build another. After we build it, we need to tie the end of
a string around the axle. It needs to be tied tightly, and maybe be held in place by a rubber band or a dot of glue, so that it can be wound onto the axle. Pass the other end of the string through two-screw-eyes, one on each end of a short board.

The waterwheel needs to be by the sink, so that a student can hold it there, or it can rest on its stand, so that the running water strikes the blades. Lay the board, screw side up, with the short side (its width) along the edge of the countertop, with the end of the string hanging over the edge. We will tie a small weight (like a fishing weight or a large washer) onto the free end of the string, so that the weight rests on the floor.

When water is poured on the wheel, the weight will be lifted off the floor, showing how the force of water can lift objects.

We could tie the string to a toy car at the other end of the countertop, and let the waterwheel pull the car. That would be fun, too.

What other kinds of jobs can we assign to the waterwheel?


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