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I TOLD YOU SO! Hot water dissolves some stuff better than cold water. Now, we'll prove it!

We have borrowed the school's hot-plate, and we have some Pyrex glass cooking vessels. ("Cooking vessel" is a fancy term for "pot!" Since we are pretending to be scientists, we should use all the fancy words we can!)

We'll put one-half cup water into a pot, and start stirring in the salt, a teaspoonful at a time. Remember, when we did this before, in cold water, the water became saturated with salt after about 7 teaspoons, and it would dissolve no more salt. We'll put in some more anyway, and put the pan onto the hot-plate so we can heat the water a bit. Watch the salt at the bottom of the pan.

Poof! It's gone! The heated water dissolved the salt that the cold water would not dissolve.

We'll turn off the hot-plate and let the water cool. When it's cool, we will see if we notice anything different.

We can do the same project, but use sugar instead of salt. In other words, we will make syrup. After we make the syrup and let it cool, will there be some hard sugar on the bottom of the pan?


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