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Sounds like something your washing machine does! What is it?

Inflate a large transparent plastic bag, and fit it over a
wide-mouth jar or aquarium containing ocean or salt water.
Prop up or suspend the bag. Observe the bag from time to
time. You will see that droplets of moisture appear on the
top and sides of the bag, then collect and run down into the

What is seen is analogous to the natural water cycle.

This seems to refer to tides, the "alternating rise and fall
in the large fluid bodies of the earth caused by the combined
gravitational attraction of the sun and moon. These combined
forces produce the complex recurrent cycle of the tides." We
are going to have to read more to find out for sure what the
natural water cycle is.

We do know that moisture rises from the water bodies,
collects in clouds, and returns in the form of rain, snow, 
and other cold, wet falling stuff. Maybe that's what it is.

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