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Fill a glass jar three-quarters full of water. Place a lid
on the jar. Hold the jar in both hands, move it rapidly in a
circular motion, then suddenly stop.

You will see a cyclonic water current that tapers downward
like a funnel. What you are seeing is analogous to a water-
spout, a rotating, funnel-shaped column of whirling winds and
water extending upward from an ocean or other large body of

It may or may not make a difference if you put a few drops
of food coloring into the water (don't stir) before "circu-
lating" it. You might want to put one blade of grass into
the water before making the funnel. No, I don't know what
will happen. Either something or nothing; but it won't make
the world come to an abrupt halt. Scientists haven't learned
stuff without trying ideas. Even if the idea fails, it teaches
us something.

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