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Attach a thermometer outside a classroom window. Be sure it
is shielded from direct sunlight.

Why? I have observed that the newspaper gives us the daily
temperature recorded in the shade, at the airport. I have
learned that buildings and trees influence the air tempera-
ture, just as sunlight does. If you want to have an accurate
measurement of the general temperature of the air in your
city, the shade at the airport is the place to measure it.

Record the temperature twice each day by checking the
thermometer at the same time each morning and each afternoon.
Keep a record in a table. The information can be graphed to
represent the general directions of temperature change
throughout the week.

Several interesting variations of this activity can be
explored. Record the temperature every hour for one day to
see how the temperature changes.

Keep records for several months to note temperature changes
during the year -- weekly or monthly averages can also be

You can also study contrasting temperatures in:

1) sun/shade,

2) wind/calm air,

3) surface soil/subsoil,

4) shallow water/deep water,

5) shallow snow/ deep snow, and so on.

Here's a good idea: Record the temperature of a thermometer
outdoors, then tie the thermometer to a large kite. Sail the
kite as high as you can. In about 30 minutes, pull the kite
down as quickly as you can, and record the temperature.

Compare the two temperatures. If the temperatures differ,
why do you suppose that is?

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