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There are several activities that will help you realize that
air pressure can be reduced by rapidly moving air.

a. Place a ping-pong ball in a funnel, hold the funnel stem
downward, and blow up through the stem. You will be
surprised to find that you cannot blow the ball out of
the funnel.

Next, while holding the ball inside with one hand, turn
the funnel stem upward. At the same time, blow through
the funnel stem and release the ball. (As long as you
are blowing, the ball should not fall.)

The quickly moving air over the ball creates a low
pressure area behind it, and the normal air pressure is
enough to hold the ball in place.

Similarly, when air moves rapidly across the surface of
the earth, low pressure areas result.

b. Put a pin through the center of a 3 inch square of
cardboard. Insert the pin in the hole of a spool of
thread. Hold the cardboard beneath and flat against the
spool. Blow through the spool, and remove the hand
holding the cardboard.

The card will remain in place due to the decreased air
pressure above the card; the normal air pressure is
sufficient to hold the card against the spool.

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