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Wet two identical areas of a chalkboard, and fan one area
with a piece of cardboard or an electric fan. You will
realize that the moving air is the influencing factor in
making one area dry faster.

Thoroughly wet two cloths of the same size and material, hang
one outdoors in a windy location and the other one outdoors
in a sheltered spot. If you touch the cloths periodically,
you will find that the water evaporates more quickly from
the cloth in the wind.

Discuss how clothes dry on windy days.

Your brilliant writer does not recommend hanging clothes
outside during a hurricane or when it is raining. The fact
that wind is blowing does not suffice as reason to hang
clothes outside. It is also unwise to hang clothes outside
during a dust storm.

I don't know if it is scientific or not, but I have noticed
that when clothes are in the dryer on a normal setting of
heat and air circulation, they dry much faster than they do
when the dryer heat is turned off.

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