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I do hope your teacher will let me know how this works. Or
if it works.

Pour a cup of hot water into a transparent wide-mouthed gallon
jar. Probably better to use a glass gallon jar, as opposed
to a plastic jar, which may melt. Put a plastic bag in the
jar, and fold its edge over the rim, fastening the bag
tightly with rubber bands.

The brilliant scientist did not elaborate on the size of
plastic bag or if it is to be sealed before fastening to the
rim of the jar. How hot should the water be?

Hold the jar firmly on the table, and let another student
pull upwards quickly on the bag. Describe what you see in
the jar.

When the bag is pulled upward, the pressure in the jar is
reduced, and the warm moist air in the jar expands. The air
in the jar cools as it expands, and a cloud forms inside the
jar. When the bag is released, the cloud disappears.

This activity can be repeated several times. The cloud is
best seen when the light source is behind the viewer.

You should be able to generalize that clouds can form in a
similar way.

You may have to experiment with different sizes and types of
plastic bags and different temperatures of "hot" water. Now,
remind your teacher to call me.

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