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If it is hot outside, do this experiment out on the play-
ground. If it is cold outside, do this experiment inside
the class-room.

Remove the label from a tin can. If you are working inside,
set the tin can onto a leak-proof tray. Take some water that
has been allowed to stand until it has reached room tempera-
ture, and fill the can about halfway. Add a few ice cubes to
cool the water.

After several minutes, you will see droplets of water forming
on the outside of the can. The formation is called dew.

You may have seen the formation of early morning dew under
similar conditions. You will realize that when moist air
contacts a cooler surface, such as the side of the can or
blades of grass, the moisture in the air condenses on the

Note: In very dry areas, such as the Sahara Desert, this
activity may not work because there may not be enough water
vapor in the air for droplets to form.

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