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Here's something fun to do while you're on your winter
vacation and playing in the snow gets too boring:

Obtain two dowels of the same diameter and length. Sharpen
one end of each dowel so that it can be driven or pressed
into packed snow. Paint one stick black and the other one
white. On a sunny day when there is a good snow cover, press
the two sticks upright into the snow to the same depth, but several feet apart from each other. Check the dowels and the snow around them every few hours.

You will observe that the snow area around the black dowel
melts more than the snow area around the white dowel. Look
for everyday examples of the same phenomenon. Check the area
around tree trunks, weeds, and posts sticking through the
snow and around various objects that people drop on the snow.

Also cut several identical squares from different squares of
construction paper. On a sunny day, place the squares on a
clean snow surface, and observe them every hour to see which
color square shows the smallest effect from exposure to sun.

How can we put this information to good use?

Maybe we're getting close to the idea.

Fill two identical glasses with equal amounts of water. Wrap
a sheet of white paper around one glass and a sheet of black
paper around the other. Put identical thermometers in each
glass, and set the glasses in direct sunlight. Take tempera-
ture readings every ten minutes. The data can be graphed.

How is "data" pronounced? "DAY-tah." Is it a singular or
a plural word? Plural. (Singular is datum --"DAY-tum").

You will find that the water in the glass wrapped in black
paper warms more quickly. Next, try papers of various
colors, and compare the results. Discuss the advantages and
disadvantages of wearing clothing of certain colors at
different times of the year.

There must be a better reason than wardrobe selection for
These snow projects.

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