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Will our weather station be like a bus station? You go
inside, sit on benches, and wait for the weather to come?
If the weather we're waiting for is a tornado, it could even
take us somewhere! Like maybe to Kansas?

Several instruments are important in a weather station: the
thermometer, the barometer, the anemometer, the hygrometer,
and the rain gauge. Such instruments should be placed
outdoors in a protected and shaded location for best results.

The instruments may be sheltered in an open box, or a weather
station can be built. This station can house both the
instruments and several visual aids to provide easy access as
well as protection.

If the central panel is constructed of 1/2 inch hardware
screening, various weather instruments can be mounted to it.

The opening will allow the air to circulate around the
instruments. The two panels on either side can be used as
bulletin boards and as data recording boards. One board
might hold a map of the local area or of the United States.

The map should be covered with acetate or plastic wrap so
that students can sketch weather fronts on it with grease
pencils. It might also hold pictures of cloud types,
relative humidity tables, or wind speed scales.

The other board might hold data sheets, tables, charts, and
graphs you have prepared. Data tables should be kept current
by recording instrument readings twice a day at the same

After some observations, we could make silent predictions:
put a number you choose (between 2,500 and 9,000) at the top
of a blank page, and write your predictions. Hand the papers
in when requested. Watch the weather for the next couple of
days. Your teacher can read the predictions to the class,
and nobody would know who predicted what. If individual
students want to identify themselves and their predictions,
they can tell the teacher the chosen number. Remember, the
only clues you will receive are the observations you make at
your weather station. Your predictions will be based on that
information only.

See how easy it is? And just think, those television weather
people make the big bucks!

In the alternative, we could spend several million dollars
and buy a weather satellite and special computer.

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