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Wrap the bulbs of three identical thermometers with small
pieces of cotton -- one saturated with water, one with
alcohol, and one with ether. Fan the thermometer bulbs
rapidly with a sheet of cardboard. Observe the temperature

Your writer is not a scientist or a medical professional.
However, it appears to me that ether is not a substance that
should be used in an experiment at school. The fumes can be
quite sickening, and it may be likely to burst into flames.
Ask your brilliant teacher.

As usual, I am correct. The encyclopedia tells us that ether
is "a volatile, highly flammable liquid, C4H100, derived from
the distillation of ethyl alcohol with sulfuric acid, and
widely used in industry and as an anesthetic."

People with high fevers are sometimes given alcohol rubdowns
to lower their temperatures. Sometimes they are wrapped in
sheets and laid on a bed of ice cubes. Wouldn't that be fun!

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