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(Note to teacher:) You should use seeds from fast-growing
flowers such as forget-me nots and marigolds, maybe mustard
seeds, instead of veggies, which take longer? Further, beans
and peas, themselves, are seeds after they've dried.

Look at many kinds of seeds, like bean seeds, tomato seeds,
or pea seeds, and draw them on paper.

Get some little pots, and put potting soil into the pots.
Water them enough to keep the potting soil a little bit wet.

Put the pots in a sunny window, or have a light near them to
help them grow.

In a few days, little green stems will show, and then one or
two leaves will grow onto the stems. That means the seeds
have germinated.

Put a little water onto the soil when the soil starts to look
dry. The plants will keep growing, and then flowers will
bloom. After the flowers are finished, the plants will make
new seeds.

Look at the new seeds, and see if they look like the pictures
you drew of the ones you planted.

You will see that the plants grown from the seeds you planted
will make seeds that look just like the ones you planted.

Get new pots and potting soil, and plant the new seeds so you
can see how they grow.

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