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We are going to grow peas in five pots. Each pot will have a
different kind of soil. That way, we can see if some soil is
better for growing peas than other soil.

Mark each pot by putting a number onto each one with a color

Put garden soil, from outside, into pot number 1. Ask an
adult to help you measure the correct amounts, and put a
mixture of garden soil and fertilizer into pot number 2. Put
garden soil mixed with one-fourth the correct amount of
fertilizer into pot number 3. Put garden soil mixed with
one-half the correct amount of fertilizer into pot number 4.
Put garden soil mixed with three-fourths the correct amount
of fertilizer into pot number 5. Make a list that tells
the mixtures of soils in each different pot.

We will plant three pea seeds in each pot. Make three little
holes in the soil with your finger, and drop a pea seed into
each of the holes. Cover the seeds with soil, and gently
push down the soil over the seeds. Put the same amount of
water into each pot. Water the seeds very gently so they
won't be washed away, and use just a little water, so that
the seeds won't rot. Whenever the soil seems dry on top,
gently add a little water.

In a week or so, little green stems will grow, and one or two
leaves will grow right at the tops of the stems. Measure the
stems with a ruler, and write down, on your list, the size of
the stems in each of the five pots. Be sure the number on
your pot is the same as the number on your list. Measure
your plants every week.

See which kind of soil is best for growing peas.

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