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We have some woody stems which have been broken off at both
ends. By listing the parts of the stem, we will be able to
tell which end was attached to the tree and which end was
reaching for the sun.

On all stems, the roots are at the base, where it came from
the tree. Next, we see the leaf scar, or a node, if the
leaves have fallen. After the leaf scar, or node, is a bud.
This means that the bud is farther away from the tree than
the leaf scar. If we had kept the far end of the stem, we
would see the "terminal" bud, which is on the very end of the
stem. (The word "terminal" means "end.")

You only need to remember "RLBT," which means "roots, leaf
scar, bud, terminal," and you will know the direction that a
stem grows. "RLBT" is called a "formula" (pronounced "form-
you-la"), and that is kind of a shortcut for remembering many
kinds of things.

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