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This project will be counting seeds in different kinds of
fruits to see what kinds have the most seeds, and if two or
three fruits from the same plant has the same number of
seeds. It would take a very long time if we had to count
the seeds in a very large watermelon, or in a pomegranate!
Peaches would be easy, because they only have one seed,
called a "pit." Seedless grapes don't have any seeds at

Oranges and lemons have seeds; if there are trees where we
could pick some, we could find out if several oranges (or
lemons) from one tree has the same number of seeds. Beans
and peas would be fun to try. If we had some in the garden,
we could pick some and count them. If we have to count seeds
from the fruit or vegetables we buy at the store, we won't
be able to find out if the fruits or vegetables on one plant
have an equal number of seeds. We have read that one carrot
produces only two seeds, but one fruit of a tobacco plant may
have more than 40,000 seeds! We could compare melon seeds by
measuring the seeds in a cup, or by weighing them on a scale.

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