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Wooden boxes one foot square by four inches deep are sug-
gested for this project, but plastic containers in that shape
and size are easier to find, and they don't leak. We will
put about one inch of gravel on the bottom of the box, and
then we will get the square of topsoil we dug up from the
vacant lot next door. (We certainly wouldn't want to dig up
part of a person's garden!) There is nothing growing in this
soil. It just looks like soil. We will keep it in a sunny
place, and when it feels dry, we'll add a little water. Not
too much water, because we don't have very much drainage. In
a few days, there will be little bits of green poking up
through the soil, and we are going to guess what kinds of
plants might be in our little wild garden.

As the plants grow bigger and bigger, we will be able to tell
what some of them are, and knowing what kind they are, we
should know what kinds of seeds they have. From that
information, we can tell how the seeds happened to be there.

We can do this same project in the winter as we have done
this spring. Do you think the same kinds of plants would
grow in winter as in spring? Do you think plants would grow
faster, or slower, in winter? What is the difference, and
how do the plants know if it is spring or winter?

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