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This is going to be fun! We are going to spy on mother
nature! We have some beans and some corn that we are going
to germinate in a soilless garden. Do you see the paper
with little squares on it? That is called "graph paper;"
we'll put it on top of several sheets of wet newspaper. Onto
the graph paper, we'll put three beans and three kernels of
corn (corn seeds). Then, we'll put a square of cloth (muslin
is best) on top of the seeds, and roll it up carefully.
Every day, we will unroll it and check the seeds, roll it up
again, and make sure the newspaper is wet enough. When our
daily spying tells us that the seeds have started to ger-
minate, we will use more graph paper to draw pictures of each

The little squares on the graph paper with seeds on it will
guide us in drawing the seeds, then the embryos, onto the
graph paper we're using. Make the pictures the same size as
the seeds, and start on the left side of the paper, because
we will have a new picture to do each day. If you remember,
beans are dicotyledons, because they divide into two halves.
Since they do not divide, corn seeds are monocotyledons.

Do the embryos look the same, or are they different? Did
the corn germinate first, or did the beans win the race?
How many days did each seed take to germinate? Did the
germinated seeds show green or white, or both? Isn't it fun
to spy on nature?

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