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Does it help seeds to cook them or freeze them? Or, are they
better off if we don't do either? Do you think that cooking
seeds might kill them? Here are 30 seeds. 10 of them will
be boiled for ten minutes, and another 10 seeds will be put
into dry ice for ten minutes. If we want, we can put 10
seeds on a pan in an oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes and
put 10 others into the refrigerator's freezer overnight. We
won't do anything to the 10 remaining seeds.

Let's make three soilless gardens now, and put the ten
cooked seeds into one, the ten chilled seeds into another,
and put the remaining ten seeds into the last soilless
garden. We'll keep them all wet, and in a warm place, and
our lists will show us which seeds are in which garden.
After three days, we can unroll the gardens and see which
seeds have germinated. If they all have germinated, which
ones grew the most? Let's roll them up again for another
three days, and see what has happened by then. We can make
some decisions about treating seeds before planting them.

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