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Today we're going to find out whether the amount of light
makes any difference in the way seeds germinate. We'll make
soilless gardens in glass jars, by putting about 1/2 inch of
gravel (the kind used in fish tanks), a folded paper towel,
some bean or pea seeds, and a crumpled paper towel into
numbered jars.

Gently pour in a very little bit of water, so that the folded
paper towel on top of the gravel is wet. Each time the
crumpled towel starts to get dry, we must add a little more

Let's put one jar inside the cupboard where it is dark.
Another one could be put into a dark corner, maybe with some
books in front of it, so it is like twilight where the jar
is. Then we could put one on a counter top where there isn't
sunlight, but it is light. The last one should be in a sunny

If we can get a light meter, the kind people use when they
want to take really good pictures, we could measure the
amount of light where each garden is.

We'll make sure that none of the gardens get too dry, and we
can make a list of the dates that the seeds germinate in each
jar, by the numbers of the jars. We can even let the plant
embryos grow awhile to see how fast, and how well they grow.
We could transplant the embryos into pots with potting soil,
and keep them in the same places they were when they were in
jars, to see if the amount of light makes any difference
while they are growing.

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