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What determines the direction that stems on bean plants will
grow? We have a nice box, about five inches deep, with one-
half inch of gravel on the bottom and four inches of potting
soil. We will plant several bean seeds, one inch deep, and
will put the box on the counter in a sunny place. Keep an
eye on the soil, and if it starts to get a little dry, some
water must be sprinkled onto it.

When the stems are five inches tall, we will draw pictures of
the plants, put the date on our pictures, and be sure to show
in our pictures that the stems have bent toward the sun.
After we have drawn the pictures, we'll turn the box, and see
what happens. The stems will probably bend again, toward the
sun. Do the stems bend in the same places as they bent
before? Or do they bend in a different place?

Let's draw another picture showing the bent places on the
stems, put the date, and then we will turn the box again.

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