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It should be interesting to see if colors make a difference
in plant growth. In this box with gravel on the bottom and
potting soil on top, we'll plant some grass seeds. Won't it
be nice to have some lawn in our classroom? Does anybody
have a tiny lawn mower, so we can keep it nicely trimmed?

After the grass seeds have germinated and we see a little
green on top, we will put some cardboard walls into the box,
making four different patches of grass. We want to put walls
up around the edges of the box as well, and all the walls
should be about three inches tall above the soil.

We will use colored cellphane (gift-wrap) to give each
section a different color of light. One section will have
red, another will have blue, and a third section will have
green. We'll put clear plastic wrap over the fourth
section. We'll keep track now, and see which section grows

We want to see how tall the grass is in each section, and
decide if they are all the same, or if the grass gets taller
in one section than in the others. We also want to check to
see if the blades of grass in one section are wider or fatter
than those in the other sections.

Let's remove the cellophane for a short time so that we can
compare the colors of the grass in the different sections, as

What color is the favorite of most young people? Does red
appear to be the favorite color for the grass?

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