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We have each brought a shoe box to school, and yesterday we
cut off one end of the box, and taped the lids on. We will
punch holes in the sides of the boxes so there will be air

The next thing to do is to put our young bean plants into the
shoe boxes. We won't take the beans out of their pots; just
put the pots into the boxes, being very careful not to break
the stems of the bean plants. The boxes will be standing on
their closed ends, so that the bean stems will have room to
grow toward the open, top ends of the boxes.

We have squares of several different colors of cellophane
gift wrap. Each of you may take one square, and tape it to
the open end of the box.

When the plants need water, we can put it onto the potting
soil inside by removing the cellophane long enough to pour in
the water. Each of us will put the same amount of water onto
our plants, so all conditions will be the same, except for
the colors ofd cellophane. Be sure to pour the water in very
slowly and gently, so as not to make a ditch in the potting

While the cellophane is off, carefully stick your rulers down
so one end just touches the top of the soil, and measure the
length of your plant's stem. It is important to keep
accurate notes, so write the date that you measure, and the
length of your plant next to the date.

When the plants get to the tops of the boxes, we will take
out the plants, and compare them as to color of leaves and
stems, length of stems, and size of leaves, and decide which
color or colors are best for growth.

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