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Do you remember when we did an experiment with the mimosa,
which we called the "sensitive plant?" We are going to find
out if it is sensitive to heat. The mimosa has a terminal
leaflet at the very tip of each spray of leaflets. It is
called "terminal" because it is the last one. I'll hold a
lighted match close to the terminal leaflet, but, of course,
not touching it. I don't want to burn the plant.

Watch closely, and you will see that all the leaflets on this
spray will move to protect themselves.

Other types of leaves respond to heat in different ways.
Many of them droop, and then will "perk up" when it is no
longer in full sun, or, if water is applied to the soil.
Some plants have to be watered every day during the hot
summer, because they are so sensitive to heat.

This is not an experiment that you should do by yourselves.
As you know, fire is very dangerous, and a plant that is dry
can easily be burned.

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