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Now we will put the mimosa plant in the refrigerator for
about 10 minutes. It doesn't look much different than it did
before we put it in there, does it? We will gently touch the
terminal leaflet, and see what the "sensitive plant" does
when it is cold.


We will let it sit in its usual place, and in about an hour,
after it has warmed, we'll see if it responds to being

We could put our "prayer plant" (the plant that folds its
sets of two leaves together at night, like two hands folded
together) into the refrigerator to see what it does.

It folded its leaves, didn't it. Did it fold its leaves
because it got cold, or was it because it was dark inside the
refrigerator? To do this experiment with a prayer plant, we
would have to put a battery-powered light inside the
refrigerator so it wouldn't be dark when we closed the door.
If it folded its leaves inside a lighted refrigerator, that
would mean that it folds its leaves when it gets cold, as
well as when there is no light.

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