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Today we are going to put twigs with leaves on them into some
different solutions. Some will be heated, and some will be
cooled. One twig will be in plain water under normal con-
ditions, for a control.

We have nine jars and nine twigs with leaves on them. Our
twigs are from a red maple tree, a sugar maple tree, a poplar
tree, or an oak tree. (We must to use what we have, de-
pending on the area where we live.) The twigs should be
broken off rather than cut from the tree, so they will take
in more of the solutions.

Earlier today, I made "simple syrup" by boiling water with a
little sugar. It has been cooling, and is now at room
temperature. I also boiled some water with salt, so the salt
would dissolve evenly in the water.

Into three jars, we will put plain water. Into another two
jars, we will put salt water; the third set of jars will have
sugar water; and the fourth set of jars will have a mixture
of water and vinegar. We will label the jars in a way that
will tell us what solution is in them, and if they will be
heated or cooled. For example, one jar would have a label
that said, "Sugar - warm," and the other would say, "Sugar -
cool." (Wouldn't it be awful if the leaves in the sugar jars
got cavities?)

Into each jar, we will put a twig. One jar with plain water
will be placed on the counter where the temperature will be
normal. This jar will be labeled, "Control." One jar of
each set will go into the refrigerator, and the remaining
jars will be placed near the heater. We'll let them stay
there overnight, and when we come in in the morning, we can
see if there is any difference in the appearance of the
leaves. We will compare them to each other, and we will
compare all of them to the "Control" leaves. Then we will
know what leaves on twigs like to drink.

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