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We're going to do some tasting today. Tasting is big stuff to some people. The places that make coffee, tea, wine, and zillions of other things to eat and drink hire people to taste their products. People who taste to decide what to put in the foods they are cooking, are often really great cooks. Unlike our sense of smell, our sense of taste is quite well developed. Still, there are things that taste different to different people. It also could be said that some people like stuff that tastes really bad!

Our sense of taste is connected to our sense of smell. I once knew a person who had no sense of smell--the person's olfactory nerves had been damaged by an illness. Since he was unable to smell, he was also unable to taste. All things tasted the same, and he didn't enjoy food, except that it kept him from being hungry. Chocolate tasted just the same to him as onions!

Basically, there are four flavors: sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. After those four flavors are blended with all the different scents there are, we can detect many, many
different tastes.

Before we go any farther, we will take turns, and each tell the class one reason why WE DO NOT TASTE UNKNOWN SUBSTANCES and WE DO NOT TASTE THINGS THAT WE KNOW ARE NOT TO BE EATEN OR DRUNK.

And, away we go...

We have five bowls with liquids in them, and we each have five plastic spoons. All the liquids are the same color. One of the bowls has a partner--another bowl of the same liquid. We will take turns tasting, and we have to do two things: describe the tastes, and find the partner. We'll do this on a list, because if we say out loud what the tastes are, then everybody will already know it and it won't be fun.

Now, we have another taste test. You will take turns being blindfolded, and you each get to have a bite of four different foods. Remember the tastes, in order, and write
the tastes on your list. We'll see if everybody got the correct tastes.

Our last test is a drinking test. We have four or five fruit drinks. We each get one small cup of each drink. (The drinks have NO SUGAR, because some people are allergic to it, and because it changes the flavors.)

Again, write on your lists what you think the flavors are. If you only drink half of each cupful, you can mix the other half-cupfuls, for a tasting experiment.

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