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Magnets are always fun. We have some steel rods, about 4 inches long, which we bought at the hardware store. We'll see if we can make many magnets from one magnet.

Holding a rod by one end, stroke the other end, from the center to the tip, with one end of our "real" magnet. Do that about 50 times. Now, reverse the rod and the magnet, so that you can stroke the other end of the rod (from the center to the tip) with the other end of the "real" magnet.

The rod should now be magnetized. We can test it by trying to pick up small metal objects with it. We can try to pick up paper clips, straight pins, pennies, and pieces of
aluminum foil.

OOPS! Why won't our magnetized rod pick up the aluminum foil?

Shall we try to magnetize a stainless steel spoon, or fork?

Let's see if we can magnetize a plastic toothbrush.

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