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Magnets are really fun, and there are many things we can do with them.

Each of us has a small magnet, and a supply of little things, like paper clips and pins, to pick up with the magnet.

First, pick up a paper clip with your magnet, then remove the paper clip with your other hand. While you are removing the paper clip, feel the pull of the magnet. Think about how hard (or easy) it is to pull the clip away from the magnet.

Now, get one piece of tablet paper, and put it over the paper clip. Pick up the paper clip with your magnet, keeping the paper in between the clip and the magnet. If you hold up the paper, you can move the magnet back and forth across the paper, and the paper clip will follow it, on the other side of the paper. Now, remove the paper clip and FEEL the pull. Is it easier to remove now than it was before there was paper between the clip and the magnet?

Try it now with a pin.

Then, fold the tablet paper in half, and pick up the paper clip through the two thicknesses of paper, and try it with the pin, also.

Fold the paper in half again, giving you four thicknesses of paper, and see if the magnet will still pick up the paper clip and/or the pin.

We also have some small squares of cotton fabric. We'll see if the magnet will pick up the paper clip and the pin through fabric, just like it did through the paper.

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