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These scientist folks must know more than we do. They keep wanting us to group things into orders. There must be a reason for it. Let's hope they tell us someday!

Meanwhile, it is fun!

We have an assortment of buttons. Students can sort them any way they want. According to size, shape, number of holes, color, or any other characteristic you like. Just make sure that each time you sort them, they are sorted by only one quality. We have to be able to explain why we sorted them in the ways we did, and make a list of the ways we sorted them.

Just remember, any way they are sorted is okay, so long as there is a good reason for it. We can't put red buttons with blue buttons just because they look pretty together. We could put red buttons with blue buttons if they were the same shape, or the same size.

Tomorrow, each student can bring a small collection of items that has been sorted according to size, shape, color, weight, texture, or any other characteristic that is consistent. Be sure to have reasons for the sorting. Also be sure that the collection is small enough to carry easily.

Collections of puppies or kittens, or any other animals, will not be okay! Don't bring anything that eats!

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